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Kevin and Tanji had been invited to the formal opening of the
New Bridge between England and Lyndesfarne. They had arrived
early, travelling by portal from Tanji’s family home where they had
once again been staying as guests of her Aunt and Uncle. They were
both wearing the hooded capes – so popular in her world – against the
windy autumn weather and frequent showers. Kevin was feeling
smug that he had remembered, at the first attempt, the magical
gesture which closed the fastening of his cloak.
As was conventional in Kevin’s own world, the formal ribboncutting
happened well after the bridge was actually completed, and
indeed after it had been carrying traffic for some time. The new
crossing had been closed to the normal commercial interchange for a
short period, and the honoured guests had made their way from each
side either on foot or in one of the horse-drawn wagons which were
the only vehicles allowed on the bridge itself.
The brief ceremony passed off without incident although, because
of his limited understanding of the language, Kevin could not make
out very much of the speeches from various dignitaries and bigwigs.
The ritual culminated in the ceremonial cutting of a ribbon which had
been deliberatively placed in the exact centre of the bridge. This
allowed a few photographers on the English side to use their cameras
without them being disabled by the technology-suppressing
properties of the barrier between the Two Worlds.
Kevin and his colleague Bret were the co-designers of the New
Bridge or, more precisely, each were the designer of half of it. The
half that was in the mundane world of engineering and technology
had been Kevin’s responsibility, while the section in the magical
world of Lyndesfarne had been allocated to Bret.
The most challenging part of the whole design had been the short
section where they now stood – the middle of the bridge where
neither technology nor magic was entirely reliable. They had solved
this thorny problem by a design where the central portion of the
overall structure was largely unstressed, and then closing the gap with
a laminate – alternating thin layers of steel-reinforced concrete and
the magically enhanced “construction stone” favoured in

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