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Have  you  grown  tired  and  fed  up  slaving  for  ten  to  twelve  hours  every  single  
day,  earning  just  a  little  over  the  minimum  wage?  
Like  many,  you  may  feel  like  your  desk  has  become  more  of  a  prison  cell  that  
has  kept  you  all  locked  away  from  the  rest  of  civilization.  And  still,  you  find  
yourself  living  from  paycheck  to  paycheck.  
Time,  they  say,  is  money.    
If  that’s  the  case,  this  brings  home  the  fact  that  some  people  are  certainly  
making  a  whole  lot  more  money  in  the  same  amount  of  time  you  are  willing  to  
put  in,  or  even  at  a  considerably  far  lesser  time.    
By  now,  you  have  probably  deduced  the  fact  that  there  has  got  to  be  a  better  
way  to  play  the  money-­‐making  game.    
Yes.  In  fact,  there  are  a  hundred  different  better  ways  to  play  the  game.    
It  is  possible  to  earn  more  by  working  less.    You’ve  seen  other  people  do  it.  It’s  
time  to  write  your  own  success  story  and  make  it  happen  in  your  life.    
While   increasing   your   productivity   will   give   you   twice  as  much  return,  
discovering  a  far  better  way  to  play  the  game  will  possibly  bring  you  twenty  
times  or  more  return...    

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